Health Check Up Instructions

  • Please report to MedStarClinics, 39 Shakespeare Sarani (Near Kala Mandir), Kolkata 17.
  • Please note that prior appointment is needed for the check ups.
  • Please report to the clinic by 8.30 am (please make sure that you come before 9.00 am positively)
  • Please be on 10 to 12 hours of fasting. i.e. please have your dinner the previous night by 9.00 pm. Do not consume any food or fluid after that. Only water can be consumed.
  • Please take one tablet dulcolux and one tablet festal after dinner prior to the health check up.
  • Please have plenty of water (4 to 5 glasses) one hour prior to the health check up. Please note that a full bladder is required for the USG.
  • Please do not pass urine after water consumption till your USG is not over.
  • Please get your urine sample at the time of the health check up. Please make sure your name, age and sex, is written on the container.
  • Please collect the urine container from the clinic or from any nearby pharmacy. You can also give the urine sample in the clinic.
  • For Males: You might be required to shave your chest for TMT and ECG. If you are on any medication then please get in touch with your doctor prior to the health check up. It is advisable to bring your old prescriptions along with you and discuss it with our doctor.
  • Please do not undergo X-Ray if you are pregnant.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing, as you will be asked to change your clothes frequently.
  • We will be providing you with breakfast.

Checkup packages

Health Checkup Instruction