Corporate Wellness

Who would not have heard the adage 'prevention is better than cure'? But only a few take it seriously.

A healthy individual is an asset to family, society and the nation. The implications of neglecting preventive health are many: But before we discuss any further, you are requested to fill up the following questionnaire and assess your health.

Do you answer "YES" to any two?

Do you smoke?Yes / No

Do you drink regularly (Two drinks daily)?Yes / No

Are you over weight?Yes / No

Do you lead a sedentary life style (which means, your work or lifestyle does Not involve physical activity or exercise)? Yes / No

Do you have high blood pressure?Yes / No

Are you over 40Yes / No

How do you react to a stressful situation?

You loose your balanceYes / No

You are unable to think with clarity.Yes / No

Do you feel exhausted after a little physical activity or after climbing stairs?Yes / No

Do you have a family history of diabetes?Yes / No

Do you have a family history of heart disease?Yes / No

If you have answered "YES" for two or more questions, it might be a good idea to consult a doctor or get Health Check Up?

Prevention is better than cure

What is the Single Most Important Asset of any Organization?

"PEOPLE." The single most important asset of any organization is its people. And like any other asset it has to be protected. To this end, more and more companies are recognizing the value of adopting a strategic healthcare policy. Many are already sponsoring medical expenses programs. Not just for senior management, but for all levels of staff as well as immediate family members.

What is the best health-care policy?

There is more to a strategic healthcare policy than medical expenses. Should procedures be widened to include health screening? or to assess the risk of sickness and stress in the workplace? or to manage such risks?

Why have a check Up?

It is proven that the early identification and management of risk factors reduce the likelihood of developing serious life threatening diseases. The main purpose of health or medical check-ups is to break down known risk factors of potential illness, create or improve self-awareness of health and fitness and provide referral to the adequate treatment when necessary.

Implications neglecting preventive healthcare:

  • Complications in treatment
  • Disease beyond cure
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Family insecurity
  • Absenteeism at work
  • Financial Implications
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Increase in premium in Insurance.

Preventive healthcare is the tool that aims towards a shift form 'illness' to wellness

Treat the illness Prevent the illness
Incident driven Information driven
Manage the disease Manage lifestyle

Ways and Means of Preventive Health Care:

  • Vaccination against diseases
  • Avoid contact with people suffering form certain diseases.
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Awareness and education
  • Undergoing routine health check Ups

Role of Medstar Clinics

Medstar Clinics has been promoting preventive healthcare through its customized health check Ups that focus on wellness rather than illness. Good health is a gift of god and it in our hands to mange our health. Medstar Clinics can help you manage your health.

Medstar Clinics is now poised to look after the health of all the employees of an organization.

Health Management comprises of the following.

  • Pre-Employment Check Ups
  • Day-to-day diagnostics
  • Expert panel of consultants
  • Comprehensive Dentistry
  • Customized Wellness Seminars at Office premises
  • Periodic Express Screening at office premises
  • Customized Preventive health check ups